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Caleb Caudle and The Bayonets

Caleb Caudle and the BayonetsDreamers don’t have it easy in this world. Reality has a gravity that often leaves us spitting smoke and flames, gathering up the newly wrecked pieces of our lives just as we thought we’d learned to fly. There’s a wondrous mix of cloud high conjecture and down-in-the-dirt truthfulness to Winston-Salem, NC’s Caleb Caudle and The Bayonets. With a rootsy vibe akin to The Jayhawks and The Replacements and a forward surging energy that compares well with Ryan Adams circa Gold, this band, especially as reflected in their bang-up new release Snake River Canyon, is the real deal.

The raw emotion, stinging guitars and clever couplets make things go down easy, but once digested it’s obvious there’s more nutritional value to them than most young bands these days. One feels Caudle and The Bayonets’ greatest power in simmering slow burns like Skeleton Tree and Weightless, ideal companions as one muses over the great, wide world outside one’s bedroom window or eats distance along lonely highways. Weightless and other kindred spirits in their catalog could be the centerpiece of a lovely, personal indie flick; a sound and configuration of words that breaks up emotional log jams inside us with a sharp but ultimately welcome tug. With hands clapping and heart swelling, Caudle cries, “I want to be so much more than myself tonight.” That urge, that inner tickle to strive and imagine, flutters inside this band, and even if we only get almost there – as in the Evel Knievel references on Snake River Canyon – it’s still worth trying with everything we’ve got in us. Caleb Caudle and The Bayonets provide the perfect soundtrack for throwing our hopes to the wind and seeing where they take us, come what may.

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