Dirty 7

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Scott Metzger
American Babies, Bustle in your Hedgerow (plus about 20 other New York City artists)

Nicknames:”Boots,” “Boom Boom”

Onstage, Scott Metzger exudes a manly aura. Face twisting along with the notes beneath his fingers, he sweats, grunts and grins every bit of hot rock soul he can from his instrument. He’s a lovely blur of brute-force will and ever-mounting skill; the kinda kid that old bluesmen throw an arm around and the ladies grin at while licking sweat from their lips. That’s the reward of being all-in in one’s craft, and Mr. Metzger is surely that. We couldn’t have asked for a finer, earthier motherfucker to kick off the Impound’s salacious new questionnaire.

Favorite dirty word or expression?
“Douche Canoe”
One of the grossest things I’ve encountered while touring is…
Jack in the Box
Besides sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, what does a mind and body need?
A filthy song I love is…
He Was a Big Freak by Betty Davis
Groupie love – good, bad, scary or what?
Usually starts out good, and can get a lil scary…In a good way…Usually.
Which would make you feel most unclean?

  • Having your music used in a montage in a Kate Hudson/Sandra Bullock-style date movie
  • Having it show up in the background of a celebrity sex tape
  • Having it used to market erectile dysfunction medications
The part about erectile dysfunction
One of my favorite dirty ass rock ‘n’ roll bands is…
The Groundhogs. Killah.

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