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Tim Bluhm

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Insights into his favorite snaps by our Lead Photographer Josh Miller

Shot in Yosemite at last year’s Las Tortugas Festival. Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips is far from scary. In fact, he’s one mellow, chill guy. But, on this night, amongst the trees of California’s Yosemite Forest, he did his best to freak us out. He succeeded.

Miller's Eye: Tim Bluhm

Editor’s Note: Tim has an array of hats that would look stupid on almost anyone else. Once encountered few ever forget his iconic fur number, which makes an already ludicrously tall dude even taller. I was also present at Tortugas ’09, but I wasn’t scared by Bluhm’s get-up so much as it made me want to assemble a classic hobo bindle for him — a long, knobby stick with a plaid bandana stuffed with a few worldly possessions. In Tim’s case, I’d guess beer, a sandwich, pictures of Nicki and more beer. (Dennis)

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