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Poundings I

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Need a little help getting through Wednesday? Plug in your headphones and listen to Dirty Impound’s first mixtape, a collection of what’s flipping our collective wig these days.

ps – this is our first attempt to create a mix with 8tracks.com – feedback, please! We really miss lala.com.

Poundings I

  1. Fuck You (I’m Famous) – Shooter Jennings & Hierophant
  2. Candy-Coated – Dearly Beloved
  3. Shame – TK Webb & The Visions
  4. ‘m Gonna Smile – Society of Rockets
  5. Third Floor Story (alt. version) – The Mother Hips
  6. Monday Mourning Meltdown – Gov’t Mule
  7. Give It A Try – Blues & Lasers
  8. Moving Along – Lions In The Street
  9. et Out – Dead Confederate
  10. I Wanna Get High – Gary Louris
  11. I’ve Had This Feeling Before – Everest
  12. High Life – The Court & Spark
  13. Halleluwah (edit) – Can
  14. e Call Upon The Author – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  15. Easy Prey – Retribution Gospel Choir

5 thoughts on “Mix Tape: Poundings I

  1. I can’t seem to scroll past track #3…
    I closed the tab while the player was on and need to fast forward to track #13, but it’s not allowing me to do that.

  2. Yeah, I think that’s the only way they can do this legally. You’re only allowed to skip a few songs at a time, so it’s more like radio.

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