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Lansdale Station

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Northern California’s Lansdale Station come on like a heady rush, rock ‘n’ roll felt down in your bones and delivered like this music still matters and might change the world (though happily free of the hippie stink that ignores the harsh realities of daily existence). Folks that get off on Little Feat, Fairport Convention, Grayson Capps & The Stumpknockers and other quality, rootsy stuff will surely dig Lansdale Station. Loved their kickass debut and impatiently awaiting the next chapter. We thank the band for being our second contributors to The Free Bird Project and hope that long may their rebel spirit rage.

Lansdale Station

Photo: Bill Towner

You can see Lansdale in glorious action here and here. The band performs next at the Napa City Nights Outdoor Concert Series on Friday, July 9. See their full tour dates here.

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