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Powder Mill

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Powder MillUnabashedly Southern and raw as a Hell’s Angel’s ass after he upends his hog, Powder Mill are one of the best goddamn bands to emerge from below the Mason-Dixon in the past decade. Like kindred forebears Lynyrd Skynyrd and Drive-By Truckers, Powder Mill mines the South’s rich folklore, inviting drawl and working class ethos to create unshakeable honest, utterly unvarnished music packed with dirty truths and shadowy humor. And these Missouri boys just keep getting better.

Album number three, Money, Marbles, And Chalk (released June 15) is Powder Mill’s Second Helping, Decoration Day or Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, i.e. the albums that refined all the promising virtues inside Skynyrd, DBT and the Crowes and created the skeleton for everything that came after. Money, Marbles, And Chalk is paycheck-to-paycheck mean, and tender as a longtime marriage finding quiet comfort silently holding hands at the end of another long-ass day of grinding it out. These are tales wrung from deep emotion but also a deep appreciation of good times and the reckless, ornery fun that can be had when one hawks one in the boss’ eye and jumps into their truck without worrying what tomorrow or even the next hour might bring. Sometimes you just gotta say “fuck it” and let your real feelings loose, and Powder Mill is just what should be playing when you do.

And while they resonate with choice ancestors like the Crowes, Black Oak Arkansas, etc. they’ve managed, as all the truly great ones do, to find their own space within familiar territory, often injecting a hillbilly strain in unexpected places or openly embracing the omnipresent country music around them. Every move feels right on Money, Marbles, And Chalk, culminating in a four song closing section that’s passionately riled up (about all the right things) and unutterably human in every way. Rock ‘n’ roll feels like the roughshod church it can be when a band testifies like this. All I can add is “A-freakin-men, brothers!”

4 thoughts on “Baby You’re A Star: Powder Mill

  1. Hells yeah, from a Missourah Bootheel farmboy this stuff is sweet honey suckle nectar. These boys pull a #6 on my soul and I like it. They keep bringin the goods album to album. Makes me want to get back home!!! Keep rockin ya’ll!!

  2. these guys hearts pump southern living and slam it in the faces of anybody who listens. the best band to emerge from these parts and will continue to sing the anthem of the everyday man and his way of life. love that slop bucket rock and hope like the dickens that they dont stop now!

  3. The Powder Mill sound is a Rockin Kick~Ass toe tappin beer drinking truth tellin of the lives where the river runs through the trees and the souls of Good Men as it’s “Current”. It’s Bred into them and you can’t help but become apart of the music when listening. There was; The Ozark Mountain Dare Devils, Molly Hatchet and 38 Special- Now Here IS Powder MILL!!! Rock ON Fellers Rock ON!

  4. There is no denying Powder Mill. They are melodic and soothing when you just need something to wash down that corn whiskey, and they are hard as hell and in your face when you get pissed at your boss. They are just what the doctor ordered for any mood you can swing, so take “your medicine” and buy every track that you can get your hands on.
    Every damn album should be platinum, even if it hair-lips the governor! I’ve seen plenty of bands live, including these boys, and many couldn’t live up to their studio refined sound, but these boys may be even better. Get off your ass right now and support these Mill-Billies all the way to the top of the charts! 36th parallel forever!!!

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