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Shannon KoehlerThe Stone Foxes

Based on the naked lasciviousness of “Patience” and other four-to-the-floor scorchers on Bears & Bulls, the second album from SF’s The Stone Foxes, this is a band that knows a bit about sex and other filthy things. The Foxes’ Shannon Koehler took time out of their summer touring schedule – including the album release show this Saturday, July 17 Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco – to get into the thick of it with us.

Favorite dirty word or expression?
Wobbly bits. “I’d like to see her wobbly bits.” “Make sure to cover up your wobbly bits.” We all have them, we all want them, and we all know what they do – they wobble. And no matter how “extensive” your bits are, you really do only have a few little bits of them. It’s one of my favorites.
One of the grossest things I’ve encountered while touring is…
My brother relieved himself so often in our van on the way to Austin that he filled over ten Vitamin Water bottles. He dispensed of them in a gas station garbage can, only after excessive pleading from others and myself.
Besides sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, what does a mind and body need?
You’ll need therapy to cope with the sex and drug addictions, and couple of Bob Dylan records. That, a good night’s rest and 30 minutes of exercise a day and I’d say you’re good to go.
A filthy song I love is…
The Ray Charles live version of “Makin’ Whoopee” is ridiculous. He says, “You better keep, I think it’s cheaper… well you know what I was doin’.” We most certainly do.
Groupie love – good, bad, scary or what?
If it’s a one-toothed lazy-eyed wants-to-get-in-your-van work-boots-wearin’ woman from up north (that’s where they live) groupie love, then it’s no good. If it’s front of the stage, shakin’ it down, hot as jalapeño, tall glass of water woman groupie love then it’s still no good, ’cause my girlfriend would beat the crap out me if I was to make a pass. In my case, it’s in my best interest to not be interested.
Which would make you feel most unclean?

  • Having your music used in a montage in a Kate Hudson/Sandra Bullock-style date movie
  • Having it show up in the background of a celebrity sex tape
  • Having it used to market erectile dysfunction medications
If Kate Hudson and Sandra Bullock were dating each other in a movie but caused every man who watched the movie to have erectile dysfunction, then they must have some pretty nasty “wobbly bits” and I would feel most unclean by having our music in the background. Unless Scorsese is directing it, then they can use our stuff.
One of my favorite dirty ass rock ‘n’ roll bands is…
The Mamas and the Papas, a bunch of dirty bastards. Mama Cass – disgusting.

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