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Eli Jebidiah

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This is Eli Jebidiah. He sings and plays stringed things in Poor Man’s Whiskey, Guitarmageddon and Allman Brothers tribute group The Allmond Bros Clan. He makes people smile with his music. They might also rage a little depending on what flavor he’s serving up. It’s all good if Kurth is behind it. That’s been our experience at least. This shot was taken on the 4th of July at High Sierra Music Festival. It’s how we’ll be envisioning Uncle Sam in the future.

The Free Bird Project: Eli Jebidiah

Are you interested in giving Dirty Impound the finger? Are you in a band? Well, we wanna see whatcha you got, cowboys (and cowgirls)! Send us your birdie pics and we’ll add them to our archive and make sure folks know you cared enough to raise a middle finger for rock! Send pictures to

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  1. It seems to me perhaps Mr. Jebidiah is showing off his acrylic nail/guitar finger pick and certainly not meaning any ill will towards anyone.

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