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The Tubes

White Punks On Dope

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It ain’t easy being young. All those hormones and hard-ons. It jumbles up a body something awful. There, there, rock ‘n’ roll understands. And for the next week we’ll present some of our favorite troubled youth tunes, starting with this bark-along classic from The Tubes at their bedazzled, bugged-out best. Seeing this band as a prepubescent lad put the ultra-zap on Dennis’ head and perhaps helps explain his fascination with oddities like Of Montreal, Roger and Eno-era Roxy Music. The Tubes in their 70s glory were a fabulous gateway drug.

One thought on “Troubled Youth Week: The Tubes

  1. Thanks for posting! That was sweet seeing a younger (and still alive) Vince Welnick – before he joined the Grateful Dead….

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