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Chris Robinson

A Conspiracy/Hard To Handle/Safe In The Arms of Love

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Alpha Dog Week comes to a close with The Black Crowes’ lightning rod, whose natural, flowing charisma, obvious confidence and lanky, lithesome bod has beguiled the fairer sex for two decades. He’s pretty entrancing to the fellas, too, in that Austin Powers “men want to be him” way. It doesn’t hurt that he can string a lil’ poetry together with a tune and that he’s sharp and funny. Almost single-handed, Robinson made long hair and pot smoking cool again for a new generation, and for that alone we celebrate him (though it’s his music that cements his place in our heart). Here’s a vintage slice of the ornery, throw-an-elbow-in-your-eye 1994 Crowes and a taste of his sweet side with Paul Stacey.