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Ted Nugent

Free For All/Crave

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Face it, some men are just more powerful than others. They command attention everywhere they go, intimidate the weak and sport-fuck like champions. And if they also make rock ‘n’ roll, well, they’re that much cooler. Alpha Dog Week will salute some of these hirsute stallions with double shots that highlight their musky mojo. We can think of no better way to begin than with Ted Nugent, who’s been trampling like a six-string buffalo across this great land for over four decades, manhandling the wet ‘n’ willing and trouncing his enemies. Here’s a vintage great and a more recent rager that show Uncle Ted at his best. For more on The Nuge, check out one of Dennis’ favorite conversations ever. You gotta appreciate a man who, according to that interview, “rocks his balls into a firestorm every night.”