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[amtap amazon:asin=B0034K7QXM]To say an established band, especially one getting on in years, is “revitalized” has become a hoary cliché but it really does seem like Ratt has been eating their Wheaties on Infestation (released April 20), their seventh studio set and first original collection in over 10 years. These 11 tough, yummy sleaze rockers reveal how nobody else, try as they might, quite sounds like Ratt, apparently one of the few outfits besides Motley Crüe that can hold a candle to their 80s salad days.

The formulas that drew their core audience aren’t broken, and Ratt is smart enough to know that and play to their strengths – i.e. bad boy rockers with pointy incisors and rocker-gal-wooing love songs (Best of Me and Take Me Home are semi-sensitive, chick-ready backseat warm-ups so perfect they’ll make your spandex swell three sizes). Charging out of the speakers with that peculiar dirty-yet-studio-clean pure 80s sound, Infestation is enjoyable enough to make one call off the exterminator for the indefinite future – as long as they keep ’em coming like this.