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Paul Weller

You Do Something To Me

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One of the Impound’s resolutions this year has been to turn as many folks as humanly possible onto the music of Paul Weller. There’s simply no finer or more reliable purveyor of classically rooted rock out there, and as fine as his catalog with The Jam and Style Council had been, it’s the past 18 years as a solo artist that have revealed what a devastating songwriter, guitarist and singer the man is. After having the great honor and treat of a chat with the man, Dennis’ apostolic tendencies have been through the roof. Hence Weller Week, a showcase of seven of his finest works with visual accompaniment. He’s a fashion plate this one, and really just as nuts ‘n’ bolts right as any rocker could be.

We kick off the week with a stunner off 1995’s Stanley Road. As one commenter on YouTube offered, “The most romantic song ever fuckin’ written. Fuck all the other shit so-called love songs ever made by twats like Maroon 5 and Westlife. This is how ballards shud be done.” Hear hear! This performance is from the 2007 Glastonbury Festival.