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Poundings XVIII

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This week’s assortment brought you by some really dark thoughts peppered by the realization (again) that perhaps only love and real compassion will pull us through as a species. The recent U.S. elections also float around in this muck, but far wiser folks than me are stumbling to find the right words to describe a time when reason, facts and reasonableness have fallen to their knees. So, I dedicate this mix tape to the various messes we’re in and to the idea that we’ll one day extricate ourselves from the worst of them.

Proof We Listen: A number of folks have commented about the lengthy mixes we’ve been putting up lately, and in the interest of our time-starved readers, we’re trimming Poundings down to a manageable baker’s dozen most weeks to come.

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings XVIII Track Listing

  1. Political Science – Pedro The Lion
  2. We’ll Never Lose Our Minds – Olav Larsen & The Alabama Rodeo Stars
  3. Half Harvest – Michael Penn
  4. Till You Die – Candy Butchers
  5. That’s The Game – Tim O’Reagan
  6. The Girls Don’t Care – Eef Barzelay
  7. When You Come – Crowded House
  8. Who Knows – Zac Brown Band
  9. True Tonight – Jack Grace Band
  10. A Conversation With No One – Steve Dawson
  11. Life Is Short – Trevor Garrod
  12. End Result – Jeffrey Lewis
  13. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got – Joan Jett