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[amtap amazon:asin=B003ZXQVNY] Only a day after their original female singer left the band, Jefferson Airplane reconvened at the Fillmore to break in fresh female counterpart Grace Slick. While a tad tentative in the first set, Slick breaks out with gale wind force in the second set, which writhes with a dark blues intensity on extended churners “Kansas City” and original “3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds.” But even before that the rest of the Airplane is in groovy fine form, swinging hard through era staples like “Let’s Get Together” and “The Other Side Of This Life,” making them their own through sheer will and a dense, stony atmosphere that nonetheless moves on quick heels – all potheads aren’t turtle-slow wasteoids.

Very much a band of their time, the Jefferson Airplane on display on Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/16/66 – Early & Late Shows – Grace’s Debut, the second release in a new four-part series of vintage recordings on the great new Collector’s Choice Live imprint (arriving December 14), is a fully engaged, ambitious bunch with multiple lead singers, a growing catalog of distinctive originals and a way with other’s songs. In a time when being a “jam band” is a bit of an epithet, we forget that bands like Jefferson Airplane that originated the sub-genre were robust craftspeople who just happened to like blow out the walls of their tunes. Today’s noodlers often forget the foundational stuff needs to be in place before one charges into the unknown without a net. This show is a happy reminder of what good jamming can be and as fine as fine an encapsulation of the early live Airplane as any to date.