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Poundings XXVIII

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After 10 years of writing about music, I’m sent a ludicrous amount of new music. Packages from all over the world from people I’ve never heard of show up daily. Where they get my address I do not know. Even listening to one or more new things a day on average, I can only scratch the surface, especially with the deluge of downloads flying at me lately. So, I have a limbo spot called the “Box of Intrigue” for CDs that caught my attention for some reason – compelling artwork, a band member I’m familiar with from elsewhere, an interesting cover tune choice, a line in the press release that snags me – but never made it into the active rotation. A few times each year I spend a week scanning the contents of the box. While much of it is landfill-ready, there are charmers that crawl from the pile. This week’s mix represents 15 artists that made my ears prick up in the latest round of listening. I chose cuts that got my attention immediately to increase the chances of a good first impression. May you find a few new intrigues in this bunch.

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings XXVIII Track Listing

  1. Brain Dead – The Sons of Hercules
  2. Blood Red Blood – The Ettes
  3. Change – The Young Veins
  4. Ivory Walls – The Blakes
  5. Away We Go – HoneyChild
  6. Make It Thru – Sherwood
  7. AM Radio – Alan Semerdjian
  8. Feast of the Heart – Jesca Hoop
  9. Spirits Don’t Leave – Josh Reichmann Oracie Band
  10. Do Nothing, Be Nothing – Afficionado
  11. Body – Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
  12. Pigtails – Fink
  13. Come Clean – Greg Laswell
  14. Serpent & Shaman – Ayurveda
  15. Firecracker – Noelle Hampton

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