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Drive-By Truckers

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Folks coming into the Fillmore in San Francisco on March 4th expecting a traditional Drive-By Truckers rock show may have left a little disappointed. With each passing year and each passing album, DBT delve further into the brambled entanglement of family, children, commitments and the often-sour things of adulthood. There’s still plenty of dead bodies, whiskey and mayhem, but a bruised understanding of the Human Condition is steadily emerging that’s ultimately far more enriching than all the “Let There Be Rock” moments in their past. For the faithful, the Fillmore show was a resounding success, navigating a rich catalog with all the muscle, blood and raw drive this band has always brought to the table. Things reached a churchie apex during “World of Hurt,” when Patterson Hood, arms outstretched, smile brighter than daytime, asked, “Isn’t it great to be alive? Isn’t it FUCKIN’ GREAT to be alive!?!” The roar that followed – drinks raised high, tears pooling in tough guy eyes – was pretty damn rejuvenating. To be in the presence of this band is to feel quite alive. (Dennis Cook)

Once again, our talented photographer pal John Margaretten has saved us thousands of words with his evening-capturing images.