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Nathan Moore

The Hippy Fiasco Rides Again

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This week, friend of the Impound Nathan Moore hit the road for the next four months on a devil-may-care adventure entitled the Hippy Fiasco Rides Again. There’ll be music played, stories told, discussions of God, ample silliness and more streaming 24/7 at the Fiasco website. Dennis doesn’t write manifestos for just anybody but Nathan and his merrymakers surely deserved one. Read it here and then think about getting involved with the Fiasco as it heads towards Florida and then back to California for the High Sierra Music Festival. How often do we get to be part of a real happening anymore? Not often enough but Nathan offer us a chance to reconnect with the soul we had when we were children, ripened with legends, with a feathered cap and a wooden sword (as Lorca once put it…). And maybe raise a little hell, too. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.