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Brinsley Schwarz

Ebury Down/Surrender To The Rhythm

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One of the great joys of 70s FM radio was the days when they’d play two in a row from a band. The first cut would stir one’s appetite and the second finish ya off. It’s a simple gimmick but it worked, and we’re never averse to using an old trick that’s still got play. So, for the next seven days the Impound will offer you two tunes from bands we think you ought to know. Instead of the usual well-worn names that get the double shot treatment, we’re gonna hit ya with gems that’ll enrich your listening knowledge and tickle your ears.

We begin Double Shot Week with the band once touted to be England’s answer to The Band in the early 70s. Brinsley Schwarz never reached those heights of popular or critical acclaim, but they were a damn fine band that launched the career of Impound Hall of Famer Nick Lowe (check out Dennis’ chat with Nick from a few years back here). Curious folks should snap up Brinsley’s self-titled 1970 debut, Despite It All and Silver Pistol for the best this bunch had to offer. Now, on with the show…