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There’s a number of videos we’ve been meaning to share with y’all…and then we just didn’t get around to posting them. Hence, Shit We Missed Week, our honest attempt to catch up on some random tidbits we think will tickle your fancy (and do know, the Impound is a bunch of major fancy ticklers). We begin with a clip from Colourmusic that’s only a few weeks old. The song is off the band’s bang-up new album My ___ Is Pink, which hit shelves on April 26. This is some quality nightmare fuel and the tune itself is a rumbling gem. If you chuckle at the payoff near the end, then you’re our kind of of people. We also look forward to Food Network’s Chopped using this ingredient in one of their baskets eventually. Combine that with radicchio, carob chips and yak butter, bitches!