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Michael Penn

The Count of Pennsylvania

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Shit We Missed Week continues with a new song from Michael Penn. We’ve been waiting impatiently for six years for a follow-up to one of the unsung classics of the 2000s, 2005’s Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947. Penn makes albums that endure through a lifetime, a modern answer to the great runs The Kinks, The Beatles and other cornerstone artists saw in the 60s/70s. But Penn is no backward looking nostalgia guy, and I’d wager even Ray Davies and Paul McCartney would have a time of it working “a statistician’s artifact” into a lyric. While he keeps busy with soundtrack work and other projects, we’re hungry to see what fresh song cycle he’s been working on, be it the sequel to Mr. Hollywood Jr. hinted at in its “Part One” subtitle or something entirely different. Our faith in his skill and quality is unshakable after 22 years of him delivering time and again.