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Dirty Impound Turns One

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One year ago today, Dirty Impound arrived on the series of tubes we call the internet. Since then we’ve published over 300 posts and evolved ever-so-slowly. It is, as on day one, a big, unguarded open love letter to rock ‘n’ roll (with occasional nods to other flavors). What we present here is what we honestly dig and think you might, too. Sometimes it’s about what’s poppin’ right now, and sometimes it’s focused on wig-flippers from times past. It matters little to us as long as it’s the good stuff we’re ruminating on. We’re painfully sincere at times, and irreverent as hell at others, but more than anything we’re excited about music and its power to inform people’s lives and delight them in ways they never could predict. Music is the key we’ve found for unlocking the world, and we hope what we do here helps open a few doors of perception of your own. Massive thanks to all who’ve spent time at the Impound. Please come back. Bring your friends. We’re only just getting rolling.

And if you’re in the San Francisco area this coming Saturday, June 4th, please join us at the Dirty Impound One Year Anniversary Party.

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