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Poundings XXXX

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Can you freakin’ believe this is the 40th Pounding? We’re a little surprised ourselves, and at how mix tapes have become part of the fabric of Dirty Impound. Folks seem to dig ‘em, and thus far we’ve offered up over 60 mixes in our inaugural year. In honor of our 40th and our anniversary week festivities, we’re giving you a double dose.

We continue to poke around the “Box of Intrigue” to offer you mostly new names to the Impound. Part One is almost entirely fresh artists alongside a taste of Dennis’ Albums of the Week (Manchester Orchestra and The Phoenix Foundation). Part Two swings easier with the “Box” holding a core of a new fave (Kiyoshi Foster) and some bittersweet pub rock.

And for those wondering why we keep the majority of the mixes to 13 tracks, it’s because we have a vague obsession with prime numbers AND because 13 feels just long enough to take little trip without having to pack anything or bust out a passport. Now press play and away we go…

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings XXXX (Part One) Track Listing

  1. Where The Action Isn’t – The Jigsaw Seen
  2. Homo – The UV Race
  3. Poverty – Actors & Actresses
  4. Wrong Things – Noun
  5. Angels – Starry Saints
  6. End Times – Weekend
  7. Actors – Sun Airway
  8. Deer – Manchester Orchestra
  9. Skeleton – The Phoenix Foundation
  10. Quiet Down – The Windupdeads
  11. Arrow – Kathryn Calder
  12. After Is Always Before – Lia Ices
  13. Save It For Sunday – Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Poundings XXXX (Part Two) Track Listing

  1. Boom Boom – Jack Higgins Band
  2. No Big Deal – The Real Nasty
  3. Old Gin Road – Ponderosa
  4. Yesteryears – Kiyoshi Foster
  5. Another Useless Day – Black Claw
  6. People Come – Propinquity
  7. Ebury Down – Brinsley Schwarz
  8. All My City – Mia Doi Todd
  9. Bendiceme – Susana Baca
  10. Trouble – Under Water
  11. Never Letting Go – Will Knox
  12. Words Fail You – Amy Black
  13. Goodbye Ghost – Israel Nash Gripka