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Poundings XXXXI

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One last search for gold & silver in the “Box of Intrigue” and then back to regular Poundings next week. All but one cut (a delightful smiling-from-the-grave ditty from Motopony) came from the sonic slush pile, once again proving that there’s just too damn much good music being made to tackle it all. But we’re sure as hell gonna make as big a dent as we can for you.

Next week, a juicy serving of red meat rock ‘n’ roll.

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings XXXXI Track Listing

  1. Black Leaf – The Cave Singers
  2. Stop Motion – Dead Rider
  3. The Ghost You’re Haunting – Robotanists
  4. Electricity Turns Them On – Wires Under Tension
  5. Simple Things (Work It Out) – Shit Robot
  6. Sticky Fruitman Has Faith – White Fence
  7. Shoelaces – The Submarines
  8. Feel Sorry For Me – Procedure Club
  9. Strange Weather – Motorifik
  10. Underachievers – Ravishers
  11. Liberty Bell – Half-Handed Cloud
  12. I Am My Body – Motopony
  13. Battleships – I’m From Barcelona
  14. Locked In The Basement – The Boxer Rebellion
  15. People Is Place – Little Scream