We'll Do It Live

Cee Lo Green with Scarlet Fever

05.15.11| Santa Barbara, CA

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As Prince, Robert Palmer and Half Baked‘s Samson Simpson know, it’s a blast to be backed by an all-female gang. Cee Lo Green knows it, too. Since releasing his baby-making, modern soul gem The Lady Killer, the smooth domed crooner has been making live appearances with a group he’s dubbed Scarlet Fever, consisting of Sharon Aguilar (lead guitar, violin), Brittany Brooks (drums), Theresa Flaminio (keyboards, background vocals) and Regina Zernay Roberts (bass guitar, Moog synthesizer). So, even though you know he’s gonna show up late for his set, once the music starts there’s the added bonus of his estrogen rich company, who also seem to be pretty damn competent musicians to boot. The pairing of Cee Lo and the ladies has odd chemistry, and we like to imagine that every time they play “Fuck You” live spontaneous revenge sex breaks out in the crowd. L. Paul Mann caught the band at UC Santa Barbara’s 2011 Extravaganza and brought us some snaps to share.