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Patrolled By Radar

Pachyderm/Fast Life Slow Death

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With surprising swiftness, Be Happy (released June 7 on Knitting Factory Records), the debut of Los Angeles-based Patrolled By Radar, has become a fast but sure favorite. Even though the band hails from SoCal, there are a number of winning Southern rock echoes to singer-songwriter Jay Souza‘s music. With a voice that recalls Kevn Kinney (Drivin’ ‘n’ Cryin’) and darkly edged, oddly funny and softly touching songs that bring to mind Drive-By Trucker’s Mike Cooley and Brent Best (Slobberbone, The Drams), Souza helms a just-loose-enough bunch that joyfully teeters on collapse but tightens up at the last minute, swinging and jumping with real love, all the prep and planning invisible but present in the solidity of the execution. The whole deal is downright memorable in a time when that’s harder & harder to be. One gets the sense we’ll be hearing from this band for a good spell based on the evidence of these two corkers, which are surrounded by equally catchy fare on their debut.