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The Mast

Wild Poppies Preview

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The Mast stir up an atmosphere one can practically touch on their powerfully hypnotic debut, Wild Poppies (arriving June 21). Built from the marvelously unruly, probing electric guitar and sinuous voice of Haale and the deep roll and rumble of Vishnu-armed percussionist Matt Kilmer, The Mast is New York City and ancient scrolls, a potent kiss and a tongue’s sting. The Impound hears the more impassioned parts of PJ Harvey intertwined with that cool-ass Middle Eastern thing Robert Plant & Jimmy Page worked up, and more we cannot put our finger on, even as we play the album at different times of the day and absorb the differences sunlight and nightshade bring and finding this debut ideal for both morning and evening raga-time. Complex undercurrents flow in The Mast’s music, and in shallow times that’s a real gift. Dip a toe into their water in this preview clip.