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The Stone Foxes

Mr. Hangman

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The Stone Foxes emanate a hungry aura that recalls The Black Crowes circa 1992-1995, i.e. a rock gang ready to take a nasty chunk out of the world’s behind. The band recently announced their summer tour plans. Something raw and very, very good is happening with this Bay Area mover. The time to check them out is now before they start moving into bigger halls and there’s still a chance to trade a little impassioned flop sweat with the boys. And do go out of your way to check out their latest album, 2010’s Bears & Bulls, which is kickass, blue jean ready gold (pick it up here). Here’s their tour schedule and below an example of them leaving a lil’ blood on the stage.

2 thoughts on “You Gotta See This: The Stone Foxes

  1. Check out “I Killed Robert Johnson” by the dudes. Bitchin song! They should call it the “Killing Robert Johnson Tour 2011”!

  2. I just saw these guys for the first time live. F’ing sick. Loved the new stuff too. Hope these guys get the attention they deserve!

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