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While we haven’t heard the entirety of their new album, Dig Down Deep (released April 26 on Supply And Demand), based on this rockin’ clip and the tuneful goodness of their earlier records, we’re confident Vandaveer has delivered up another addictive, heart-wise long-player. Redolent of solo 70s Paul Simon mingled with the quirks and callouses of modern indie rock, Vandaveer – the shell for singer-songwriter Mark Charles Heidinger (ex-These United States) – is a subtle business, skirting one’s defenses to touch them where others get brushed away and managing to make us sing along at the same time. Can’t wait to hear all of Dig Down Deep, and the band takes to the road again on June 14 in Louisville, KY, heading westward until tour closer June 30 in Los Angeles. Full tour dates can be found here.

And check out the audio on another new track below.

Concerning Past & Future Conquests by Vandaveer