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Real Rock Month: Black Stone Cherry

White Trash Millionaire/Maybe Someday/Rolling In The Deep

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We’re hanging in the South this weekend for Real Rock Month, which brings us to the only expressly commercial band in this series, Black Stone Cherry. These Kentucky boys work up a mixture that’s one part recent Kid Rock, one part contemporary hard rock a la Alter Bridge and Roadrunner labelmates Nickelback, and two massive scoops of greasy, gonadal classic rock. It’s this last part that most endears BSC to the Impound, though we also dig how they can come on like ravaging cavemen one minute and in the next moment offer up a ballad so tender and broadly appealing that you can hear Journey kicking themselves for missing it. Always pretty lethal live, we’re fond of how the rhythm section of Jon Lawhon (bass) and John Fred Young (drums) swing and pop like old Funkadelic, not to mention the gnarly, rib-stickin’ lead guitar of Ben Wells and fire hose strength and operatic good ol’ boy timbre of lead singer Chris Robertson. So, we actually like a bunch of shit about Black Stone Cherry, who’ve incidentally done a lot to aid strip club playlists with their grind. Seriously, every time we hit a nudie bar we seem to run into their music and it’s always a positive combustible. Thank you, sirs. We couldn’t find a quality clip of our favorite BSC tune “Shooting Star” (though we have included the audio) but we do have two corkers from their catalog and a raucous cover of Adele’s hit for y’all to peruse.

Shooting Star: