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Real Rock Month: Dirty Sweet

American Spiritual/Baby Come Home

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San Diego’s Dirty Sweet are one of the strongest young rock acts to emerge from Southern California in recent years. They arrived with all the fundamentals in place on their 2007 debut, …Of Monarchs And Beggars, bringing to mind Shake Your Moneymaker period Crowes and further back to root sources like the Faces. But what gives ’em a spot in Real Rock Month is how much they grew on their second release, 2009’s American Spiritual, which captures the broken, fearful reality of life during wartime, even when that war is kept far from home shores for most of us. Darker and generally more agitated than their first, American Spiritual is dense stuff that still churns up a lot of base level rock excitement, the message never overwhelming an instinctual need to roll and boogie, even if it’s through the Valley of Death.