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Real Rock Month: Drunk Horse

The Bitch Is Bach/Ass Out-Passed Out

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Even though they haven’t put out a new album since 2005, it wouldn’t be Real Rock Month without Oakland’s Drunk Horse. One of THE great gifts to hard rock in the past decade or so, this gang of possessed hoodlums come off as guys who’d had AC/DC, 7 Seconds, Thin Lizzy and Black Flag blasted through the headboard of their childhood beds. The Horse seethes and moves with huge force, purposeful even when all seems abandon. After hitting a high mark with 2005’s In Tongues things have been quiet outside of occasional live appearances, where they continue to leave the room shattered in the finest ways. These shows are growing more frequent in 2011 and we’re holding out hope that they’ll be back full blast eventually. Heavy music needs them.