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Real Rock Month: Monotonix

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When we started Dirty Impound last year one of the explicit goals was to celebrate the kind of rock ‘n’ roll that falls between the indie and classic rock camps, i.e. stuff too chewy, gutbucket or puerile for the Pitchfork crowd and just plain off-the-radar for frozen-in-their-ways FM radio fans and their program directors. We LOVE this sort of rockin’ and happen to know of a bunch of worthy bands that slip into this gap. Each day in July we’ll present one band in this vein (and a few missed opportunities worth catching posthumously) with some pointers on where to dig in next if the taste here gets your buds salivating. This ain’t no nostalgia thang, kids. This is what’s sweatin’ ‘n’ gruntin’ out there right now.

We begin Real Rock Month with a recent casualty of the rock wars, Tel Aviv’s Monotonix, who apparently pulled up stakes this March after years of wild ass touring that left audiences and venues trashed from here back home to Jerusalem. The possessed fury of The Stooges burnd inside this bunch, and what their music lacked in sophistication it more than made up for in thigh stroking and belly-stuck howling. With Monotonix, rock was roughly trimmed down to its raw essentials. The uninitiated should start at the beginning with 2008’s Body Language EP before devouring the two full-lengths, Where Were You When It Happened? (2009) and Not Yet (2011). It makes us sad that these caveman-hearted beasts called it quits, but we’ll be out here fighting to make folks aware of their kindred spirits so maybe they can keep on keepin’ on. And we’ll welcome Monotonix back like conquering heroes should their sign change from “The End” to “The Beginning”.