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Real Rock Month: Powder Mill

Billy The Baptist/Highway Robbery/New Mountain

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Real Rock Month wouldn’t be complete without Powder Mill, hands down one of the best classically minded rock outfits to emerge in recent years. Hailing from that strange intersection of the Midwest and South that is Missouri, these boys are working class tough, anti-authoritarian, hooch swilling sons of guns with a shit-ton of heart. Since the release of their studio debut, New Mountain, in 2009, Powder Mill has kept their noses to the grindstone, popping out new albums each year that show things gettin’ tighter, meaner and more together with each pass. For those needing to catch up, the newly minted Live In Carter County (order it here) presents a blistering primer in all things Powder Mill as they knock the livin’ tar out of a hometown crowd. A ferocious focus that happily recalls Skynyrd in their mid-70s fighting prime infuses Live In Carter County, a statement of purpose for a band with something to prove, a chip on their shoulder, and all the talent and belly fire needed for great rock. If anyone’s paying attention out there, the next Drive-By Truckers is boiling under in the Show-Me State. Here’s their latest Baptist slapping video and a live taste.