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Real Rock Month: Rival Sons

Pressure & Time/Get What's Comin'

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One look at Los Angeles-based Rival Sons and you just know they were meant for nothing but rock, and when they fire it up, well, there’s no doubt at all. Real Rock Month continues with one of the strongest classic-minded bands to emerge from California in recent years, a quartet whose rough & tumble tunes would slot right in between, say, Zeppelin’s “Sick Again” and The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues.” It’s a sound that instigates good bad behavior, where you wake up the next day with tears in your jeans, lipstick in places you’ve never been kissed before and your favorite vintage leather jacket gone with the sunrise. You regret nothing.

But there’s also a modern urgency to Rival Sons, a contemporary torchbearer’s spirit for what’s come before in the City of Angels shining very brightly on the group’s forthcoming sophomore album, Pressure & Time (arriving July 26 on Earache Records). As downright pleasurable as their debut, Before The Fire (2009), was, it didn’t suggest the wide leap they’d take in just a couple years. It brings to mind the difference between The Black Crowes’ initial offering and Southern Harmony And Musical Companion, the latter making it clear that the promise of Shake Your Moneymaker was only foreshadow to what lay ahead. On Pressure & Time, Rival Sons suggest nothing so much as a contemporary answer to Free, exhibiting the same libidinous swing, easily handled diversity and large-sacked confidence as Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff and the boys. We hope they barnstorm many gates with this one and its subsequent tour. We’re readying our lighters for holding aloft now…