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Real Rock Month: Super 400

Needle Down/Emergency/Stand By

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Few rock bands of the past couple decades have shown the determination of Troy, New York’s Super 400. Born in the mid-90s, the trio of Kenny Hohman (guitar, vocals), Joe Daley (drums) and Lori Friday generate a primal groove born from Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy and other heavy forebears. Where sometimes this vibe can come off as nostalgic or a cynical exercise, Super 400 never does, evolving subtly but surely over four studio albums, the most recent of which is 2009’s Sweet Fist, where the group added even stronger pop overtones and an overall tightened up game. Sadly, Friday was involved in a head-on car accident earlier this year and has been recovering ever since. But fitting the seemingly indomitable spirit in this band, Friday returned to the stage this month. The lady is a serious shredder, what one imagines Roger Glover might be like if he’d been born a woman actually, and we’re glad she’s back rockin’ in the free world. Super 400 performs again on August 5 at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY with another Impound fave, Chicago’s The Steepwater Band. If you’re up that way this gig is not to be missed. And if you can’t make it, take a peek at this quite super band in action below.