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Real Rock Month: TAB the Band

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Three increasingly together albums in a row has a way of building confidence in a new band. Since 2008, Massachusetts-based TAB the Band has been on impressively steady rise, and they weren’t too shabby from the start – their debut, Pulling Out Just Enough To Win, made me exclaim, “Holy Bon Scott on a buttermilk biscuit! This is rib-stickin’ rock ‘n’ roll, slathered with hoochie coo and topped with the cherry from some willing band-aid” (see rest of the review here). TAB has gotten more sophisticated since then, but no less on-the-money in their efforts to keep rock ‘n’ roll honest and direct. Adrian Perry (vocals/bass) and brother Tony Perry (guitar), Ben Tileston (drums/vocals) and Lou Jannetty (rhythm guitar/vocals) make a classic sound that one hopes Black Keys’ producer Mark Neill brings into sharp focus on the group’s forthcoming new album. For now, folks can dig into their back catalog and lucky Chicagoans can catch TAB the Band at Lollapalooza on August 5th at 12:15 pm followed by a night show at the Elbo Room, and then another headlining gig at Ace Bar in Chicago the next night (8/6). And since it’s noted by nearly all other press about the band, Tony and Adrian are the sons of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, though it’s incidental except that this young group is using benchmarks like Get Your Wings and Rocks instead of the paltry crop out there today.