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The Stone Foxes

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Spence Koehler of The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes do right by rock ‘n’ roll. Last years Bears & Bulls hits the same sweet spot as Foxes ancestors like Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Black Crowes and The Faces. A lot of this energy, this vibe, comes from attitude, something they’ve clearly got based on this shot of the band’s Spence Koehler, who doesn’t even pause from his meal in order to pass the business to someone. Time is of the essence, so we all must multitask, even in our fuck yous. Go see the boys as they tour around this year, hitting some prime festival slots at Outside Lands in SF, Voodoo in New Orleans and the intimate Joshua Tree Roots Music Fest in October. Full itinerary here.

And one more good reason to visit their website: The Stone Foxes are giving away their forthcoming new 7″ single and both cuts are super tasty!

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