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Brokedown In Bakersfield

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As someone who made a few trips out to the Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace to see him and the Buckaroos play dinner shows before Owens passed, I think it’s always a treat when today’s musicians carry on that particular style of country music. At this year’s High Sierra Music Festival, a new group convened to tackle this iconic material. Calling themselves Brokedown In Bakersfield, the band was comprised of Lebo, Steve Adams and Dave Brogan from ALO, Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips, Nicki Bluhm, and Scott Law. Based on this clip of them covering a Gram Parsons nugget, it’s clear they got it right. The group reconvenes (sans Scott Law) at Crystal Bay Club on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, CA, this Wednesday and Thursday (7/13-7/14) for a set as part of an evening of LAB (Lebo, Adams, Brogan).