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While rock is the Impound’s raison d’etre, we do venture off on a good foot from time to time when quality funk comes calling. And The New Mastersounds are nothing but quality. A lean quartet, the lads hailing from the United Kingdom, possess the classic form of The Meters but a more modern inflection that reflects the world traveling they’ve done with their music, bits of Brazil, Africa and elsewhere clinging to the swamp ready boogie base. It’s sexy music and a great deal of fun, too. Dancing will usually ensue when The New Mastersounds unleash their mojo, but there’s more than enough going on musically and composition-wise that one can enjoy a cup of tea and let their mind dig into their groove most pleasantly.

The New Mastersounds recently released their best studio album yet, Breaks From The Border (out August 9 on Tallest Man Records), and their first set recorded in the U.S. It’s one of those seamless, sweet rides that makes you press repeat quickly after the final fading notes just ’cause it makes a body (and mind) feel good.

The rest of this week we’ll have the members of The New Mastersounds popping up on Dirty Impound to answer our Hey Shredder and Gimme Some Skin segments whilst we wax poetic about their playing. And we promise to tap keyboard whiz Joe Tatton once we start our keyboard questionnaire in September. For now, a couple glimpses of Silly Summer Nonsense from the road with one of soul-funk’s torchbearers along with a taste of the new album.