Hey Shredder (bass edition)

7 questions for the low end

Pete Shand

The New Mastersounds

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Pete Shand by John Margaretten

Feel. That’s what it’s all about with The New Mastersounds’ bassist Pete Shand, who rides in the musculature of the music, wrapped tight around the bones and moving seamlessly & powerfully below the skin. Where many bassists in the funk/jam world pop and strut, drawing attention to themselves, Shand relaxes in the groove, letting his intuitive touch do the talking. When in doubt with TNM, just focus on Shand’s heartbeat and you’ll find the center of it all.

Shand’s kung-fu is on full display on the band’s new album, Breaks From The Border, which hits shelves this past Tuesday. Pete took the time to answer our bass guitar inquiry.

Favorite effects pedal? Why?
Compression because it’s great when sliding around and playing rough.
Tastiest bassist — i.e. not just soloing but also overall playing — currently working four-strings?
Miles Hackett of Los Angeles-based Breakestra.
A bass solo I never get tired of listening to is:
Bootsy Collins when in James Brown’s band playing “Give It Up or Turnit a Loose.”
Preferred brand of axe?
Fender Precision 70s because I love a lot of the music made on this bass.
John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney or James Jamerson – which one gives you the biggest bass boner? What makes them SO sweet?
James Jamerson. The others are great players but he has amazing groove awareness and always plays the perfect part. Also, I grew up listening to and playing along to his lines on a great selection of early black music.
One lesser-known bassist folks should check out is:
Pete Shand
What aspect of being a bassist always makes you happy?
My relationship with warm, low frequency, and then being responsible for turning it over in a groovy way to make people dance. Also, when soloists are having a great time that means I, too, am happy.