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Tea Leaf Green

Gathering of the Vibes 2011

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San Francisco’s Tea Leaf Green put their backs into it, a deep work ethic and hard-nosed dedication to strong musicianship, song and stage craft evident in every aspect of how they hold themselves. 10 years in, TLG – Trevor Garrod (keys, vocals), Josh Clark (guitar, vocals), Scott Rager (drums), Reed Mathis (bass, vocals) and Cochrane McMillan (percussion) – continue to be road dogs of the most determined kind, seizers of stages with a foundational belief in the power of rock ‘n’ roll. Add to this a huge growth spurt in studio savvy on their new album, Radio Tragedy! (released June 7 on Thirty Tigers), and you’ve got a still young but rapidly maturing band that despite years of great work behind them seems to be heading into their salad days.

Friend of the Impound Jay Blakesberg captured Tea Leaf in rare form at this year’s Gathering of the Vibes festival. Just look at these beautiful rock animals and you can sense it, without sound, how much this all means to them. Love it. Catch them live and check out Dennis’ recent feature with the band here.