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Poundings LIX

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Since things are gonna be a little quiet around the Impound for the next few days, we thought we’d leave you with a big, fat bit of rockin’ & rollin’ to keep you busy until we return from our travels. You know what? This kinda music will help you get outta bed in the morning…if you play it loud enough and don’t resist when your body starts to wiggle. We begin with two from the streetwise pen of Mr. Ian Hunter…

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings LIX Track Listing

  1. The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll – Def Leppard
  2. All The Way From Memphis – Mott The Hoople
  3. (I’m A) Road Runner – Fleetwood Mac
  4. Psycho – The Stone Foxes
  5. Let There Be Rock – AC/DC
  6. It’s Gonna Be A Long Night – Ween
  7. Fifth Dimensional Johnny B. Goode – The Howling Hex
  8. Racehorse – Wild Flag
  9. Straw Man – Barbara Manning
  10. (No More) Mr. Nice Guys – Sparks
  11. Boy Or A Girl – Imperial Drag
  12. Illegal Tender – Louis XIV
  13. A Quick One While He’s Away (Rock And Roll Circus version) – The Who
  14. Razamanaz – Nazareth
  15. Strange Night – Heart
  16. Hurry Sundown – The Outlaws
  17. Poorly Sewn – Mover
  18. Don’t Pass Me By – The Georgia Satellites
  19. Murder In My Heart (For The Judge) – Lee Michaels
  20. Together – The Box Tops