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Gentlemans Pistols

At Her Majesty’s Pleasure

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True Lothario rockers, Leeds, England-based Gentlemans Pistols come on strong in a lot of ways. Striding up with a naughty grin and making their guitars buck like the Sunset Strip in 1984 (strong echoes of L.A. Guns and that other firearm titan with Roses in their name) mingled with the clean, mean lines of early solo Ozzy and Megadeth. At Her Majesty’s Pleasure (released June 21 on Metal Blade in the States) is their second album and it unravels with unapologetic ardor for 80s hard rock and metal. It’s not that say vintage Deep Purple or Nazareth enthusiasts won’t find plenty to vibe off of here but this is classic rock that finds its origins in young Axl Rose, Ratt and the party side of Mötley Crüe. Lyrically, there’s an amusing mock-aristocratic tone evident even in just song titles like “The Ravisher” and “Your Majesty” and the unicorn headed nudies that adorn the band’s “crest,” an approach really only seen with the same tongue-in-cheek glee with under-sung stomp rockers in powdered wigs The Upper Crust. It also doesn’t hurt that Gentlemans Pistols features the shreddy attack of former Carcass/Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer. What elevates At Her Majesty’s Pleasure above a cheeky lark is the pummeling performances and downright catchy songwriting. This one’s perfect for loud, boozin-ready crankin’, and maybe a discreet in-and-out the boudoir window tryst…or three.