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Stephanie Finch and The Company Men

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If Stephanie Finch had come along in the 1960s she’d have given ol’ Lesley Gore, Dusty Springfield and the other great ladies of that time some serious competition. As it is, the airwaves and what the mainstream considers pop today isn’t the same thing by several country miles. Still, in a just world (and up above on God’s jukebox) Stephanie Finch is a multi-platinum poster gal for everything right about quality crafted pop-rock. Her band, The Company Men, includes hubby (and Impound favorite) Chuck Prophet (guitar, bass, vocals, drums), Rusty Miller (bass, piano, drums, vocals) and Kelley Stoltz (drums, piano, guitar, vocals), i.e. pretty much the best the Bay Area has to offer. Check out DI’s rave for Steph and the Company Men’s debut, Cry Tomorrow, and then snap up a copy toot sweet. It’ll improve your listening life. Seriously. And right now, press play on this wonderful ditty and feel your day instantly improve a few notches.