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The Barr Brothers

Electric Tacklebox Guitar

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Many things can be said about Brad Barr, but one thing that’s NEVER in doubt is his ability to make a guitar sing and wail. This clip features his homemade tackle box guitar (nice variation on the old cigar box git-fiddle), which he works both traditionally and with his string bow technique. It’s a haunting combination that evokes Bill Frisell and crusty blues guys with names like Blind (Fill In Citrus Fruit) (Fill In Dead President or Street Name). You can hear more of Brad’s string bow technique on the boffo self-titled debut album from The Barr Brothers, arriving next week after lingering in non-wide release for ages. DI will have more with both Barr siblings soon, but in the meantime y’all should pull up a chair, a mason jar of something strong and take a gander at this video.

2 thoughts on “You Gotta See This: The Barr Brothers

  1. I was going to comment on how cool the string bow technique is. That is freaking awesome. But now I’m going to mention instead that Brad has the same exact shopping cart behind him that Crackerjack Highway does on the back cover of our debut album. Strange days indeed.

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