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Worst Case Scenario Anniversary

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Without hyperbole it can be said that the Asheville, NC-based G.F.E. crew (and their extensive international allies) help keep real hip hop alive ‘n’ kicking. It does not hurt that there’s a ton of dirty rock ‘n’ roll soul to what they do, too. One of the pillars of this collective is Foul Mouth Jerk, whose radio show on Asheville FM, Worst Case Scenario, turns two years old this evening. Tune in here at 10 pm – 12 midnight EST tonight to join in the celebration. We’re already rolling up something sweet and planning to mix up a bunch of Algonquins to show our support out here in Cali. And FMJ has just put up a bumpin’ mix for Gurp City South that the first 200 peeps can download free here (such a bangin’ logo for the Gurp!). To get us in the proper mood for tonight, here’s a few clips from the Jerk and fellow G.F.E. cohort, DI fave and Worst Case Scenario mouthpiece Adam Strange.