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Poundings LX

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We bust borders, literal and figurative, with this switched-on, internationally flavored assortment, which includes boss covers of Dr. John (Paul Weller) and Syd Barrett (Field Music), vintage psych from New Zealand (Ticket), a bit of 70s Dead accented gold (Mountain Bus), and fresh dazzlers from The Barr Brothers and The Mast.

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings LX Track Listing

  1. The Lone Rhinoceros – Adrian Belew
  2. Give The Devil Back His Heart – The Barr Brothers
  3. Prize – The Mast
  4. Cotocun Gba Gounke – Colomach
  5. Inferno No Mundo – Bango
  6. Terrapin – Field Music
  7. Keep On Rocking – Shiver
  8. Rosalie – Mountain Bus
  9. Dream Chant – Ticket
  10. Porcelain Gods >
  11. I Walk On Gilded Splinters – Paul Weller
  12. Hot Smoke And Sassafras – Bubble Puppy
  13. Aerosol Bouquet – Past Lives