We'll Do It Live

Tedeschi Trucks Band

11.22.11 | Newark, NJ

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Not since the early 70s heyday of Delaney and Bonnie (and their many gifted friends) have we seen anything like the Tedeschi Trucks Band. A powerful combination of superlative inducing musicianship and sheer numbers – TTB totals 11 members – the group has toured hard since the release of their debut, Revelator, this past June. Led by Derek Trucks (guitar, bandleader) and spouse Susan Tedeschi (lead vocals, guitar), they freely mingle rock, soul, blues and jazz with an increasing focus on original material on top of their stellar cover choices.

Our gal in the East, Suzy Perler caught the band at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center last week and brings us these photos. And you can read more about this band in Dennis’ 2011 interview with Susan and Derek over here.