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Poundings LXVIII

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The holiday season – starting with Thanksgiving and running through New Year’s Day – is challenging for folks that have a hard time being grateful or convivial on cue. It’s a time of long travel hours and cramped personal space as we tiptoe through memory’s minefield to grab another plateful of tryptophan. While there is love and the comforting bosom of kin, there is also contemplation, even in the slivers of solitude we snag between clinking glasses and stacks of dishes. It’s a season where we gauge what mile marker we’ve reached in the race in our heads. May we find ourselves further along than the last time we checked.

This is the final Poundings mix of 2011. Next week we begin Deathcember, DI’s annual rumination on mortality and the end of things.

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Poundings LXVIII Track Listing

  1. Thanksgiving Moon – DM Stith
  2. Let Them Down – Bjorn Kleinhenz
  3. Road To No Regret – Scritti Politti
  4. Polaroid – Richmond Fontaine
  5. Fanboy- Sam Quinn
  6. Sea Hero – Maplewood
  7. I Pick Notes From The Sky – Gary Higgins
  8. I’m Nowhere And You’re Everything – Chris Thile
  9. Let Down – Pedro The Lion
  10. Highway Prayer – Sherman Baker
  11. Fierce Little Bird – Neal Casal
  12. Windsor Park – Arnold
  13. Where Happiness Lives – Magnet
  14. Another Morning – American Music Club
  15. Thanksgiving Waves – Eef Barzelay